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DIY Hair Care: Almond Honey Nourishing Rinse

Nourish your hair with this super simple at home hair rinse!

Just a little bit of almond milk and honey can make hair shiny, fight frizz and boost your hairs vitality – and it also tastes delicious if you  accidentally get some in your mouth 😂

Almond milk helps soften brittle hair with its abundance of fatty acids while also containing a big punch of protein and vitamins A, B, D & E.

And honey is an amazing ingredient for your whole body. In this recipe it is working as a humectant, pulling water into the hair and cutting down on frizz while it smoothes out the cuticle layer of the hair to give it a beautiful glossy shine.

If you have scalp irritation this is a great soothing treatment to massage into the scalp as it will gently break up dandruff and dry skin while calming inflammation.

This DIY hair rinse is simple and suitable for all hair types.

Watch the video below to get the details on how to make some for yourself!

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