Conscious & Green Hair Care in Norman, Oklahoma


Handcrafted Cuts by Shyloh

After years of studying haircutting, from technical precision cutting to textured dry cutting, I have developed my own unique approach to cutting hair. Taking not only the natural flow of the hair into account but the silhouette of the head and face and the individual lifestyle of each person.

This conscious approach to cutting hair allows me to customize a long lasting, manageable hair style just for you.

Clients come in with their hair styled dry and after a thorough consultation, the hair is cut and shaped dry. Hairstyles are ready to wear out after or clients have the option of getting a relaxing wash and professional styling after.

  • The Green Cut: a detailed signature cut
  • The Minimalist Cut: an express shape up cut
  • The Seedling Cut: a patient cut for kids

Plant based (henna) hair Color

In an effort to use less harmful synthetic ingredients, I have researched all available color options. I found out that the only way to get truly organic hair coloring was to use Henna and Plant Based Dyes. This gentle way of coloring hair has been around since ancient Egypt and is a tried and true way of safely coloring hair. Not only does it have beautiful colors in blondes, reds, and browns but it also makes the hair feel thicker, conditions the hair, and gives it shine.

Good for all hair types • Covers gray • Permanent • Does NOT lighten hair • 100% Organic • Vegan

Shyloh Natural Ingredient Conscious Hair Color

Ingredient Conscious Hair Color

While Plant Based Hair Color is a great option for most people, it does not do everything that traditional hair dyes do such as bright blondes, traditional highlights, balayage, rainbow colors, and quick gray coverage. In the search for better hair color options I found several brands that are able to produce the results clients want while also being free of known problematic ingredients. Giving you options in your hair color experience.

Hair coloring available free from: 
Ammonia Free – PPD Free – Resorcinol Free – Fragrance Free

Healthy Hair Treatments

Healthy hair Treatments

Your hair’s health is just as important as how it looks! A variety of treatment options are available, infused with ingredients for your unique hair needs. I recommend that every client get a full Hair Therapy treatment once a year. Especially with our Oklahoma water! This treatment is a two step process that detoxes and nourishes the hair. It first removes buildup from hard water, chlorine, mineral deposits and other impurities and then it nourishes the hair with a custom cocktail of ingredients to moisturize, rebuild, and bring shine to the hair. Individual detox and nourishment treatments are available as add-ons to any service. As well as take home products.

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