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Hi! I'm Shyloh,



I “do hair” but you probably guessed that much already!  More so I don’t want you to just look good. I want you to feel it.  I want you to feel good when you see yourself in the mirror, when you are able to have good hair days with a hair cut crafted for your unique self, having a manageable minimalist hair care routine and making eco-friendly non toxic choices for your health and our planet. I believe we can all make a difference and that we don’t need to make it complicated when it comes to our personal care. Simple effortless hair that is created with conscious choices for you. People make the planet beautiful.

Simplicity in hair, life + Happiness

Okay, you need to use this pre-cleanser, then a clarifier, a conditioner, a deep conditioner, 100% organic coconut oil, a protein treatment, a leave-in, then a mousse, foam, a gel, a cream. But don’t use the silicones! or sulfates! or synthetics! or really anything non organic! but make sure to use these specialty towels and this crystal infused blowdryer and…and…

Yeah I can see why. 
I want to make your hair care simple and making conscious, green, choices for your life simple. I believe that a minimalist approach can help you find some happiness in our noisy overwhelming world.

“Going green doesn’t start with doing green acts — it starts with a shift in consciousness.”
– Ian Somerhalder

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