Conscious & Green Hair Care in Oklahoma

Virtual Services

Virtual Appointments are conducted via Google Meets and are prepaid appointments.

Virtual Consults

Sometimes we just need to sit down together and talk things out first. Now I offer this service from the comfort of your own home. 
I believe consultations are where we lay the groundwork for your best hair. There is a lot of information we can cover in this span of time and clients tell me it is invaluable to their experience.  I bring a holistic approach to my consults and believe in sharing knowledge so people leave feeling empowered for the next step in their green hair journey. 
Consults are not just for first timers! Are you mulling over a change for a new look? A consult may just be the remedy to ease your mind! 

15 minute session$24

Product Audit

How many products do you own? Truly, really, how many? Now how many do you use? Are you confident in the ingredients you are putting on your body?  
Instead of just tossing out the whole lot and starting anew. Let’s shop your cabinet with a product audit! One of the best green practices you can master is using what you have, but only if its serving you. 
In this 30 minute session, we will look over your hair products and choose what is best for you, what is best to donate, and what is best to empty and recycle. We will go over what you may want to use up but swap out for a healthier alternative later and what is truly just toxic to have. Things to look out for when you shop and how to spot greenwashing in products. After this session you will feel empowered with whats in your cabinet and be ready to go forward with a clean minimalist approach to your hair care. 

30 minute session$44

Green Guiding

“I wish I could bring you home with me!” 
Oh how often a client has told me this as I styled their hair. Well you are in luck because I have the next best thing!

Schedule a Green Guiding session with me to bring me into your home to help you with any of your hair troubles!

These sessions are custom tailored to your unique needs at the moment. 

Do you need curl coaching? I walk you through the steps on how to apply product, how to diffuse, how to plop, how to refresh, all with live feedback. Whatever you are having difficulty with we can tackle. 

Are you not getting out as much because, well 2020? and need a little help trimming your bangs out of your eyes? or cutting your 5 years old hair? Let me be your guiding voice as you take on these tasks. 

In this hour long session we walk step by step through whatever washing, styling or trimming hair guidance you need.

Not sure this is for you? Feel free to reach out with any questions!

60 minute session$56

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