Conscious & Green Hair Care in Oklahoma

Meet Shyloh

The green hairdresser

Woah it’s real awkward to try to talk about yourself huh?
Well good thing as I get older I’ve realized I just need to embrace that awkward vibe!

So big HI Y’ALL I’m Shyloh, I’ve spent most of my life here in the metro of Oklahoma, my pronouns are She/Her, and I really LOVE what I do.
Which in essence is helping people embrace their natural beauty and letting their souls speak through simplicity with green lifestyles. 
What hair would make you FEEL like you are living your best life?

When I was around 6 years old I wanted to be a dental hygienist, not because I had any love for oral hygiene. Oh no, I wanted to be a dental hygienist because the woman who did my 6 month checkup made the experience so joyful. Making sure I was relaxed, calm, excited about brushing, and got a special sticker at the end!

I wanted to do that. I wanted to make people feel that relaxing happiness. 

Well bubble burst! Around age 11 I found out you had to stick your hands in mouths to be a hygienist! Ick!
Fast forward to past high school and I found putting my hands in hair much more pleasant and I could bring that same (if not a little more) joy to people.

So how did I come around from “just doing hair to make people feel happy” to wanting to make people feel good about their hair, their product choices, their health, the environment AND have that relaxing happiness?

Career in a snapshot

  • Hairdresser for 12 years
  • Opened her own place 7 years ago as the 1st Certified Green Salon in Oklahoma
  • Certified & trained in numerous advanced cutting techniques; Head Shape Matters, Deva, Cut It Kinky, and many more as education never stops. 
  • Was the first stylist in the area to professionally use plant based colors and is consulted often for her expertise in the area
  • Spent the earlier part of her career working on local films & media garnering numerous accolades. 
  • Featured in magazines and publications for hair design. 
  • Awarded the 2012 OKC rAWARDs Hairstylist of The Year
  •  Holds additional certificates in holistic nutrition, herbalism, & sustainability 

Random Facts about Shyloh!

  • Grew up homeschooled, before it was the hip thing to do. 
  • Spent 100 days learning to Hula Hoop and loved it so much hula hooped at her wedding
  • Is slowly collecting yard art to be the super cool (or wild) old lady on the street one day.
  • Loves “jammin’ on her planner” – spends every morning with her journal to start the day.
  • Dreams of getting her own glamper to travel around in vintage style!
  • Did you guess her favorite color was green? It’s actually yellow.

More then just hair

I often tell people I grew up as a “Captain Planet” kid in the 90s, learning about not only “recycling” but sustainability, community, social justice, and environmentalism as a whole. Definitely a gateway cartoon for this budding intersectional environmentalist.
“gonna take pollution down to zero….the power is yours!” (cue superhero pose)

This affected not only my personal lifestyle growing up but as I grew further as a stylist every choice I made for my clients and business. From what products I use, the sourcing of ingredients and ethical practices, the ethos and transparency of companies I buy from, to the complete life cycle of the waste stream of consumables. I choose products after thorough ongoing investigation, I have strict low waste standards for the studio, and my next goal is getting closer to being a carbon neutral salon. I get nerdy on the green stuff y’all.  You can often find me reading articles on the impacts of silica mining, listening to books on regenerative agriculture, and being lost in a podcast on how plastic is not the answer.

People make the planet beautiful. With our choices, with our actions, with our collective power. 

We take all that and it gets to be A LOT. I dunno about you but making big shifts in your life to be more sustainable and socially aware seemed like this huge mountain I could never climb as I got older and the more information I absorbed.
That’s why I wanted to bring simplicity into being green with your beauty. Remember “the power is yours!” and so I wanted to empower YOU to make changes without the overwhelm. We can climb the mountain together, taking simple steps. We can all make a difference.

LIVE healthy, live SIMPLY

Live simply became my mantra. I needed to simplify and slow down when my life got overwhelming in my 20s when a lifetime of mild health issues turned into big health issues. I had been working in the traditional salon settings and the perm / color / keratin / hairspray chemicals, long hours on my feet, eating a candy bar and Dr. Pepper for breakfast in the break room…just not caring for my body, caught up with me.
My body protested big time, and I got pretty darn sick. After a long journey with doctors I got diagnosed with two rare immune conditions and a chronic pain disorder, had a bunch of surgeries to clear up chronic infections and problems caused by inflammation, and learned what NOT to expose my body to. In addition to the amazing help of western medicine I deep dived into holistic lifestyles, studied holistic nutrition, herbalism, yoga, and meditation. I needed to do the best for my body.
Now I am chronic illness thriving. I have good days and bad days and found the balance for my life. It is something I connect with so many clients over, who have struggled as well and do not want to expose themselves to toxic environments and products any longer.

When I don’t have my hands in someone’s hair or am glued to a climate documentary. You can find me cuddling with my pup, Louie, and reading a good (or cheesy) mystery book. On an average weekend I am tugging my husband along to Artwalk or we are nerding out on some sort of movie or show. We are huge geeks in this house, like for real, my office is inside a Tardis, I walked down the aisle to Star Wars, my bathroom is fantasy book themed, and we marathon the entire Marvel movies at least once a year. I told you, big geeks!

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