All Low waste, Low Tox, Low Maintenance Haircare In Norman, Oklahoma & Virtually

It looks like you're new around here

I don’t want you to just look good. I want you to feel it. 

Makin’ it easy being green

A little green around the edges? You are in the right place! 

I am so excited to meet you and help you achieve simple, low maintenance hair that let’s your personality show while also being conscious of our everyday choices. 

A little frog once said “It ain’t easy being green.” well I’m gonna prove Kermie wrong!

You, however, are not a frog but a magnificent, unique, brilliant human being  – and that requires us to get to know each a little bit before we dive into getting you on the path for simple, enjoyable hair that says YOU.  I’ve designed these New “Green” Client services to get us on that path in the best ways possible. 

Green hair experience

Let’s get you that great hair day… everyday.
I want us to start on the path to hair love as soon as your first appointment with the best knowledge and tools to work with. So this appointment includes it all!

In this appointment we can address the most common roadblocks to feeling confident with your hair. Be it “difficult” hair, not feeling heard in the past, unruly curls, not knowing where to start with styling, concerned with the condition of your hair,  and what heckin’ products to use. 

We deep dive into your unique texture, be it curls, waves, or just a stubborn cowlick. Examine  your hair and head anatomy, your lifestyle and what hair your soul longs for and marry them into our true goals. I have you bring in your products so we can conduct a “product audit” and simplify to set you up for healthy manageable hair styling.   I customize a detox to give you a fresh canvas and cocktail nutrients to feed back into your strands. I coach you through each process of washing, conditioning, and styling so you can have the knowledge to take home.

The Green Hair Experience is an immersive appointment all about you.

Think of this appointment like a MASTERCLASS for YOUR hair!
$176 : 3 hours and 30 minutes

What's included in the
Green Hair Experience

  • A thorough and holistic consultation
  • A head shape analysis and mapping to set us up for haircut successes
  • Customized deep treatments to revitalize your hair that day
  • A product audit of your products
  • A haircut that organically captures your hair and lifestyles goals
  • A step by step road map to styling successes

Let’s Talk

Sometimes we just need to sit down and talk things out first. It can be nerve wracking to trust your hair to someone you don’t know first.
I believe consultations are where we lay the groundwork for your best hair. There is a lot of information we can cover in this span of time and clients tell me it is invaluable to their experience.   I bring a holistic approach to my consults and believe in sharing knowledge so people leave feeling empowered for the next step in their green hair journey. 

Consultations are 10-20 minutes and are available in studio and now via virtual appointment 

Consciously New Cut

Does the Green Hair Experience sound great but a bit overwhelming to jump in completely? I understand, I have anxiety and sometimes I just want to do a small step before a big step to ease into things. So I offer this longer haircut appointment so we can get established with a good haircut.
While we may not be going for the whole experience, I still want us to be fully introduced and get to know you, your unique hair, and what haircut will fit your lifestyle a bit more. So instead of my Conscious Cut, we have the Consciously New Cut. Same signature holistic conscious cutting, a little more time to connect. 
You come in with your hair fully styled in your typical way (curl set, blowdried, etc). I know, I know, a little different huh? There is a good reason though. I need to see and take in how your hair naturally falls throughout the day after you’ve set it to dry. From there we can assess the best ways to craft a look that works for your texture, your head shape, your lifestyle. The hair is cut dry, in its natural organic form, to give us the most true to life results. Cutting a style that works for you, not you having to work for it.

Dry cut with a refresh or the option of a wash + everyday style. 
$99 : 2 hours

Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are”
—Brené Brown