All Low waste, Low Tox, Low Maintenance Haircare In Norman, Oklahoma & Virtually


I don’t want you to just look good. I want you to feel it. 

Conscious Cuts 

Simple, low maintenance, hair that’s consciously crafted for your unique and brilliant self.

I used to call myself an Intuitive Haircutter, because I was really great at just feeling what a style needed. However great intuition is, I have now come to realize how feeling and understanding the hows and whys blend together to give the best results for my clients. As well as the decisions that all lead into a style, the lifestyle, the products, the environment…the entire holistic approach.

That is how I came to my signature Conscious Cuts. A type of hair cutting that is fully aware of your entire self and how your hair organically moves and flows. You are not just a curl type, you are not a wave pattern, a certain face shape, but a whole person with unique hair needs. You can go to a bunch of places to make you look good, but my goal is to help you feel it.

Intuitive haircutter, curl specialist, precision cutting specialist, haircrafter, dry cutting specialist, all names I’ve gone by in the past. But now? Now I want to keep things simple with you, I am a hairdresser that wants you to have the haircut that makes you feel like your favorite self by embracing your natural hair in styles that say YOU.

When you come in for a cut, I ask you to come in with your hair styled, weird huh? There is a good reason though. I need to see and take in how your hair naturally falls throughout the day after you’ve set it to dry. From there we can assess the best ways to craft a look that works for your texture, your head shape, your lifestyle. The hair is cut dry, in its natural organic form, to give us the most true to life results. Cutting a style that works for you, not you having to work for it.

  • Conscious Cut : a   e  ]full signature cut, for clients who are wanting something new or have not been in over 4+ months, cut dry, and then refreshed styled or the option of a wash + everyday style. 
    1 hour and 30 minutes : $88

  • Minimalist Cut : a maintenance cut, for clients who have a style they like but it needs a bit of a shape up to look fresh again, cut dry, and then refreshed styled or the option of a wash + style.
    30 minutes [dry cut only] : $33
    1 hour : $66

  • Seedling Cut : signature cut for under 13-year-olds, I believe children deserve the same patience and kindness as adults. Guardians can choose the best time needed for their child based on their needs.
    30 minutes : $33
    45 minutes : $48
    60 minutes : $66

Revitalize your Crown

When your hair and scalp don’t feel nice, you don’t feel very good, do you? Or it’s just not behaving the way it used to and something is off but you just don’t know what. So you buy the hot oil treatment, the protein treatment, the clarifier, the scrub, and the list goes and maybe it helps a little but not really or you’re worse off then where you started! 
Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be complicated and you don’t need 10 different bottles and jars in your bathroom to “fix” your hair. Simple, high quality, potent, treatments customized exactly for YOUR hair and scalps health are the answer.  
I break it down into 3 simple categories we can do in the studio and I can send home if needed
Cleanse – do we need to remove things from the hair such as product build up or hard water minerals?
Nourish – do we need to add things to the hair to help it move and feel better, such as adding moisture, protein, shine, bond builders?
Purify – do we need to exfoliate and rejuvenate the scalp to ease scalp discomfort and promote hair growth? 

Taking these steps, based on your unique needs, gives us the canvas to help you achieve your best hair days effortlessly and feel good.

Treatments are always customized and available to add on to any service. 

Color that feels good

Great news! Conscious Color Services are back. Enhance your natural beauty with subtle highlights, soft color shifts, and blending gray hair using low-tox hair color that makes your hair feel good.

Who is this great for? Those who want a low maintenance change in their natural color.
Conscious Color services use products with ingredients that are sustainably harvested and certified organic botanicals, as well as a unique vitamin complex. That eliminates free radicals in the hair and over oxidation of color molecules. They are also vegan and have no PPD or ammonia.

Before booking any color services, a consultation with a deposit is required. During the consultation, we’ll discuss your goals, do a patch test on your skin (as recommended by ALL hair color manufacturers for safety), and optionally do a strand test to see how your unique hair responds. After all, we’re all unique and we shouldn’t rush blindly into any services that use chemicals, no matter how low tox they may be!

Book your consult now and let’s create a beautiful and safe hair color plan together!

Conscious Color services vary from 1 hour to up to 5 hours. Prices begin at $99 

Those who love and free nature are never alone.
—Rachel Carson