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Lo’s Low Waste Holiday Gift Guide

Let’s talk about giving the planet some love with a low-waste gift guide! 🎁✨ Whether you’re shopping for a friend, family member, or treating yourself (because, why not?), these eco-friendly picks are perfect for our green-focused journey.

  1. Self Care: Treat your loved ones to some luxury by gifting them some time for self care. Something we often don’t splurge on for ourselves! 
    You can treat them to getting their hair done (I’ve got gift certificates 😉 ),  A day at the spa (check out Oodelah spa locally! they are my favorite local spa for massage, eyebrows, facials and more) or getting your nails done! Make it extra special by making it a date to spend time together. 

  2. Experiences: Speaking of spending time together, give the gift of experiences, make some memories! This can be as simple as planning a beautiful hike together or going to a local attraction or show or buying them a class to learn something cool! (I am excited to learn new pottery skills at Strange Earth Studios or painting at Firehouse Art Center!)  

  3. Services: Or give your loved one some time back into their life by taking care of a task for them! Gotta get family photos done or headshots for resumes? Schedule them a photoshoot! (I highly recommend Ashley Porton photograhpy locally!) 
    And EVERYONE has cleaning to do, organizing, laundry piled up! Gift them a some downtime for these chores. (I love 2 Green Chicks, low tox and super professional!)
    Something a little different would be a composting service! ( I LOVE mine! Check out Fertile Ground co-op for services in the metro!)
    Budget a little tight? Go old school and offer your own skills and time to your loved ones. Make a gift saying you are available for babysitting, making meals, or more!

  4. Green Products: Okay, so you want to give something a little more material. Opt for sustainable swaps! Does you family member LOVE boba? Get them a cute reusable boba cup from Etsy! Do they love luxury haircare ? Gift them some salon quality Shampoo Bars! (Check out my curated list of favorite low waste, low maintenance, low tox products on my shelves!)

  5.  Donation: and last but not least, making a mindful donation to a cause, local charity, or organization that is close to your loved ones heart is a gift that keeps on giving. 💖

Ready to make a positive difference this gifting season? 🌎✨ Treat your loved ones to thoughtful, low-waste goodies that align with our commitment to a greener, simpler lifestyle.

What’s This: Sulfates

What’s this?

A new series breaking down terms you see thrown around in the beauty and “green” lifestyle marketing sphere into simple easy to understand things.

So to kick it off Sulfates?! What’s this?

You see it casually when looking at the products in Target highlighted “SULFATE-FREE”
or a mention in a top ten list of ingredients to avoid or banned as a deadly sin for “curly girls”

But what IS this “sulfate” ?!

Simply put it’s a detergent that works as a degreaser removing oil and dirt from a surface. It lathers up, really well, creating lots of bubble action while doing this.

They changed the landscape of personal care and cleaning products in the early 1900s.

Companies LOVED to use sulfates because they were and still are cheap and very effective at cleaning!

However it is not so good for you or the environment.

Sulfates are really good at removing oil, like so good they are bad.
They tend to strip all the natural protective oils from your skin and hair. This can cause dryness. They are also well documented to cause numerous types of irritation.

If they weren’t just messing up your good looks they are also finding sulfates in our fresh waterways as pollution.

And most sulfates are derived from palm oil, which is a leading cause of deforestation, having huge environmental and economic impacts.

So all around big thumbs down.

Things to look out for on your ingredients lists
(Sometimes spelled sulphate)
Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Ammonium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Myreth Sulfate

Instead look for Sulfate Free or SLS or SLES free shampoos, I recommend a shampoo bar or a refillable one obviously. Look for ingredient transparency on their website if you are confused about any shampoo companies ingredients!

Did this help you understand sulfates a little more?

What word or term would you like to see next on “What’s This?!”

Let me know below!